What We Do In Our Community

Adult Services (Aged 18 and up)

Residential Habilitation

  • 24-hour care
  • Individually targeted goal work
  • Highest level of service
  • Services provided in an agency owned or operated home or in an individual’s home

At Able Hands, we believe in “Participant First” residential housing. Regardless of any other relationship we might have with a participant, if they are living in a home we operate, we are committed to the following broad beliefs.

  1. Our first relationship with a resident is as landlord and tenant. Once a resident signs a lease with our company, they have the same legal rights as any other renter in the state of Wyoming.
  2. This relationship demands we, as operators, and our staff understand our residents have the right to respect and privacy within their home. We are employed by our residents to provide them with 24-hour care, support, and training directed by them. Our residents are the drivers of their services and we treat their home as an environment they have invited us to participate in at their discretion.
  3. A home cannot be understood as a typical home if large numbers of people are asked to live and function there. Our smallest homes have five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two living areas. We strive to maintain no more than four residents in one home. Our policy is to limit renting to no more than five residents per home.
  4. In order to facilitate residents’ ability to access their community and follow their unique desires, we provide staffing levels at or above state requirements 24-hours per day. We invite feedback from residents regarding staff to ensure everyone is in an environment best suited to their personalities and skills.
  5. As prescribed by the terms of our leases, the décor and furnishings of our homes are directed by our residents.
  6. By following these broad beliefs, we create the most natural and stress free environment possible for our residents.

Community Integration

  • Restricted to individuals aged 21 and up who are no longer receiving school services
  • 50% of time in service must be spent in an individual’s community, not in a segregated habilitation setting
  • Individually targeted goal work
  • Provides care, support, and development of individuals’ ability to participate in and awareness of opportunities within their community.

At Able Hands, community integration is seen as a wonderful opportunity to share the unique skills and contributions of participants with our community for the benefit of all involved.

  1. We prioritize service. Many of our participants are involved with charitable organizations. From our local Boys and Girls Club, humane society, and senior centers to the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, our participants are encouraged and supported in showing they have assets to bring to the table. Their sense of accomplishment in being concretely contributive is only the first benefit. By this participation, we demonstrate the value of full-inclusion for all individuals with developmental and other disabilities for our community.
  2. We use more staff than required by state rules to ensure our participants are able to express their individual desires and fulfill those drives. By empowering our participants and their staff to think freely and act on those initiatives, we are able to provide an exceptional level of service and quality of life.

Supported Living Services

  • 24-hour on-call supports and services
  • Supports to maintain people’s ability to live in their own apartment or home
  • Custom designed services to suit individual’s unique needs and wants
  • Lower level of supports than provided in residential services

At Able Hands, we believe everyone should aspire to living in their own home or apartment. While there are benefits to low-income housing, living in housing that is segregated to elderly and disabled does not equal independent community housing. We work to facilitate our participants living in truly integrated independent housing.

  1. We believe everyone has a right to live in the least restrictive setting. Further, we believe in self-determination. Whether one desires to live in their own apartment, with roommates, in a family home, or in a residential care home, our duty is to provide the supports necessary to help you realize your desire.
  2. Our role as a service provider of supported independent living is to ensure, regardless of circumstance, our participants are able to live integrated, productive, and independent lives.
  3. We work to ensure everyone is able to realize their full potential and desired accomplishments in life.

Companion Services

  • Paid company
  • Least structured daytime service
  • No formal skills development

At Able Hands, we believe everyone has assets and attributes that facilitate the development of friendships. Friendships are only true when each party is equal. Due sometimes to social inequalities and at others to deficits of social parity, friendships like these are often difficult for individuals with developmental disabilities to create. Companion services serve as a bridge to span the distance needed to provide for the genesis of those relationships.

  1. We see companion services as a time limited service.
  2. Our role as a service provider of companion services is to provide paid companionship that leads to real and meaningful natural relationships.
  3. We provide models and supports to participants that help them realize actual and full relationships in their community.

Adult Day Services

  • Paid company
  • Most segregated day services
  • No formal skills development
  • Requires appropriate and meaningful activities

At Able Hands, we believe all people have meaningful and concrete attributes to contribute to our community. While those might not be realized, this service can bring those attributes forward.

  1. We see adult day services as a time limited service.
  2. Our role as a service provider of adult services is to provide paid day services that lead to real and meaningful skills development.
  3. We provide models and supports to participants that help them realize actual and full relationships in their community.

Employment Services

  • Multiple levels of employment services
  • Formal development of employment skills and opportunity development
  • Our highest priority for adults

At Able Hands, we believe everyone is happier and better off employed. All people, regardless of disability, need a purpose. By prioritizing employment, defined as competitively paid integrated employment, we ensure our participants have the highest level of life satisfaction, the most personal growth, and the most normalized lifestyle possible.

  1. We see employment services as a fundamental service.
  2. Our highest priority in delivering services is developing employment relationships.
  3. We provide models and supports to participants that help them actualize employment.
  4. We know real and meaningful employment is paramount to psychosocial well being.

Additional services are provided. We will be happy to discuss other adult services with you.

Child Services (Aged Birth until age 18 is reached)

Able Hands is certified in but not currently providing these services.

Child Habilitation Services (ages 0 through 12 or ages 13 through 17)

  • Compliments educational services
  • Individually targeted goal work
  • Highest level of service for children
  • Services cannot be provided during regular school hours

Respite Services

  • No formal goal training
  • Highly trained staff ensure the safety of our children
  • Fun and interactive time for children

Able Hands offers additional services and supports. Please ask us for more information. Able Hands is committed to providing the highest level of customized supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries. We look forward to serving you and thank you for selecting us.