Employment Services


Our Vision

Successful and productive employment for our clients and their employers.

Our Mission Statement

We believe work goes beyond showing up at a job to pay the bills. Work should be fulfilling and meaningful. What we do is an essential question relating who we are in our communities.

We believe many of us settle for a job to survive. We are lacking the background necessary to complete the tasks needed to find a job where we can thrive. In settling, our work experience is unsatisfactory for ourselves and our employers.

We believe a successful placement process plays a critical role in attaining jobs our clients deserve and leads to the best outcomes for our employers. We are committed to understanding the needs, passions, and goals of our clients.

We believe by understanding our clients and matching them to employers meeting their individual goals, we achieve successful and lasting employment.

We believe in investing that same drive in understanding the needs and goals of our employer partners.

We believe our investment in our clients and employers is the key to our success in job development and placement.